The top-paying jobs in America listed

Every year the website Glass Door, which helps people finds jobs, conducts a survey of salaries to determine where the money is.

In a word – medicine.

USA Today compiled the list of the Top 10:

Interestingly, careers within the tech field are gaining in pay, now accounting for 13 of the Top 25 highest paying professions.  That’s up from 11 last year.

 But Linda Head, who is in charge of the Office of Workforce Education and Corporate Partnerships at Lone Star College System says oil and gas jobs are back, and paying well.  “Whether you want to be a service provider out in the field, or drilling services kind of work, or going up the food chain from a forehand, roustabout, motorhand, up through a tool-pusher, and go back and get your engineering degree,” there are opportunities to be had, she suggests.  And the work is global.  You might study in Texas, but could find yourself working on the other side of the world.

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