It turns out you can put a price on privacy

For many of us, the privacy ship has sailed; so much so, a poll found lots of us would be willing to sell our social media data -- and 20% would be willing to buy someone else's data!

The poll found the average Texan would be willing to sell personal data for $2,625. At a TED Talk, Denelle Dixon told the audience the horse is out of the barn anyway.

"No matter how in control you think you are of your privacy, you are not."

But Dixon says the threat isn't from Google, Microsoft or Apple; it's what you don't know that can hurt you.

"What I'm afraid of is that unknown villain; that person making anonymous threats; the company that I've never heard of."

In the poll 63% of Americans said they should be compensated for social media data sold to third parties.

Dixon warned the audience if they think they have nothing to hide, they're being naive.

"What about your name, your search for abortion, pregnancy, divorce, wedding rings; what about all those videos you watch?"

 The survey found Vermonters wanted the most money for their social media data at $4,125 on average. West Virginians would take the least at just $375.

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