Economy keeps booming, media focuses on negatives

The economic good news keeps coming with monthly numbers, but if you are looking to hear about it, forget about turning on cable news outside of Fox.

Retail sales were up last month. Productivity is up. Manufacturing businesses are booming. But if you watch the mainstream media, economist Ray Perryman says you are getting a different story.

“We aren’t seeing as much of that as we should. There’s a lot of concern about what’s going on in Turkey and about the Chinese trade situation. There’s a lot of concern about what’s going on right now,” Perryman explained.

And the mainstream media is choosing to concentrate on the negative. They aren't talking about the positives, and exactly what those mean to you.

“Wages are starting to rise. That’s what important to all of us. We are at full employment. Businesses are desperate for workers, so we are seeing wages go up,” Perryman said.

Perryman also says the country is in a good situation right now economically, that we are all benefiting, even if the mainstream media isn't telling you about it.

Economist Ray Perryman

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