The hypocrisy of the mainstream media is on full display

The mainstream media cries when they get attacked by President Trump, but they are being hypocrites about it when it suits their needs.

Here's an example. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told CNN he would be thrilled if Fox News didn't exist.

“There would be less overt hate. There would be less appeal to racial division. I guarantee it,” de Blasio stated.

Conservative columnist Karol Markowicz told KTRH there was no pushback.

“CNN’s Brian Stelter let him get away with saying things that were outrageous and untrue,” Markowicz explained. “He really didn’t give him much pushback.”

There was also not much made about media members being attacked by ANTIFA, but when CNN’s Jim Acosta was harassed at a rally it was big news. Oh, and there was a time Omarosa never have been on Meet the Press, too. Markowicz says this is being driven by an anti-Trump narrative.

“It leads them to having people like Omarosa on somewhat serious programs and no one seems to be questioning whether or not we should be doing this,” Markowicz said. 

Which is probably why a majority of Republicans told a new Quinnipiac poll the mainstream media is the 'enemy of the people.'

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