Crime Stoppers Wants Stiffer Penalties for Absconders

Crime Stoppers of Houston is asking how four convicted sex offenders have cut off their ankle monitors in recent weeks.

All four are back in custody, but not before one of them -- Jose Rodriguez -- allegedly killed three people. Crime Stoppers victim advocate Andy Kahan says that's because there are no repercussions.

“You and I the taxpayers pay for the ankle monitors, but we don't see any criminal charges when they tamper, destroy or remove them,” he says.

“Obviously there are four known sex offenders in the last month or so that have removed their ankle monitors, whose whereabouts were unknown, and of course the question is how many others are out there that we don't know about?”

Kahan says the Harris County District Attorney has agreed to consider additional charges, they're just waiting for Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

“If they're not willing to abide by the rules and the conditions, if they're not willing to abide having an ankle monitor monitor their whereabouts, what on Earth makes you think they're going to abide by the laws of society?”

Kahan encourages residents to sift through Crime Stopper photos of sex offenders to see there are any they recognize.

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