Convention of states could be coming sooner rather than later

Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott

It hasn’t happened in 230 years, but there has been a lot of talk at the grass roots level about a Convention of States to amend the Constitution. That talk has existed for years, but now it might be closer to reality.

The idea is to restrict the federal government and give the states more power. Michael Johns with the National Tea Party Movement tells KTRH it's a real possibility.

“This movement has generated an extraordinary amount of grassroots enthusiasm,” Johns said.

In fact, Texas became the 11th state to call for such a convention when the House adopted a resolution backed by Governor Greg Abbott last year.

“The Federal Government has grown too big, too costly and too intrusive into our lives,” Abbott said at the time.

And Abbott says the movement has only grown in the past year.

“Twelve states including Texas have joined in our call. While the Washington elite may object, hardworking Americans are leading this movement,” Abbott explained.

But Johns says conservatives need to remember one thing if this convention of states materializes.

“This would be a complete fresh look at the U.S. Constitution. It would allow anyone and any ideological persuasion to attend that Convention of States, Johns stated.

Meaning conservatives might not get everything they are looking for.

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