Blue collar workers feel isolated by immigrants on the job

The issue of assimilating immigrants into American culture has been one that has been debated for a long time. We have made it easier for immigrants to come to America and not have to assimilate. It’s having an impact on neighborhoods and now, on blue collar workers.

More blue collar workers say they feel isolated because they are increasingly the only ones at their jobs speaking English. Janet Thomas with Stop the Magnet, an anti-illegal immigration group in Houston, tells KTRH she hears about it from her own friends.

“They are outnumbered. I have a friend that was in the flooring business. He got out of the industry and told me that he just could not compete with the illegal aliens,” Thomas said.

Thomas also says the situation could become dangerous at plants, especially if a worker cannot read signs that are in English. She says it shouldn't be that hard; if you come to live in America for a better life, learn to assimilate.

“This is America. If you are going to conduct business here you better learn English,” Thomas stated.

According to the Census Bureau, there are now about 65 million U.S. resident who speak a foreign language in their households.

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