Many Republicans think Trump should have power to shut down media

We’ve told you before that your trust in the mainstream media keeps dwindling because of fake news. Now there are more people coming to the conclusion President Trump should have the power to do something about that.

A new poll from Ipsos and the Daily Beast says 43% of Republicans believe the President should "have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior." Robin Armstrong of the RNC tells us the mainstream media has only themselves to blame.

“Certainly just about every major news outlet has engaged in bad behavior. I believe they have a target on this President’s back,” Armstrong said.

But we mentioned there are only 43% of Republicans feeling this way. So political analyst Chris Begala says this is not a poll the President should be talking about when he campaigns.

“If he cites this poll, that would be a huge mistake in my opinion,” Begala stated.

Because even though he's not running, there is no one more important on the ballot this campaign season.

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