Regardless of financial situation, HISD offers free meals for all students

African American school girl holding lunch on a tray

First, Houston ISD announces it will offer breakfast lunch and dinner to every student free of charge. Now, Fort Bend ISD is encouraging families to apply for free and reduced meals.

Certainly, there are some families in need, especially following Hurricane Harvey.

The Heritage Foundation senior policy analyst Jonathan Butcher said public schools don't exist to feed students, they're goal is to provide an education and prepare them for the next grade.

“Schools are not designed to be a place that provides something like meals for every child. Now, we’re talking hundreds of thousands of students from all different walks of life,” said Butcher.

He said the largest school district in Texas, and one of the largest in the nation, is unique because it’s currently in a budget shortfall and there's talks of laying off teachers, but they're offering free meals for every child, regardless of their financial situation.

“The focus should be on helping students learn and now you’re talking about becoming a place where it’s an entire package of social services. And, that’s just not what public schools are designed to do,” said Butcher.

Student advocates say schools should provide free lunch for all students to prevent any student from being food shamed or going hungry.

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