The left is losing people because of their direction

We all know the left is moving in a more progressive direction. That isn’t making some long time Democrats happy at all.

Some have left the party completely, including Fox News contributor Harry Kazianis, who wrote about why he left online, saying he was sick of the way the left trashes America. Political analyst Jacquie Baly told KTRH Democrats have been leaving the party for some time now.

“We saw this trend starting in 2008, where the left became anti-law enforcement, anti-military, and anti-American,” Baly explained.

Kazianis says another issue he has with Democrats is how the progressives want everything given to them. Baly says the rise of socialism in the party has been on display since Bernie Sander's surprising run two years ago.

“The more that they do that, it’s going to go against the basic principle of the American Dream and who we are as citizens,” Baly said.

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