Talking On the Phone Just Ain't What It Used To Be

Man on smart phone

Smart phones have become such a big part of our lives that you can probably see your phone right now. Your calling minutes are likely down although your phone use is up.  Nearly two thirds of internet use now takes place on smartphones, and personal computer sales are down.

“We’re definitely seeing a culture shift when it comes to our electronic devices. We used to use our phones to call each other, but that has changed dramatically,” says Social Media Consultant Madalyn Sklar.

She says most people purchase a phone for the camera and video streaming quality - but not for the one-on-one voice communication of a call. Many of you would rather text than talk.  Is this a sign that we're losing the art of conversation? 

 “We’re just putting out our story to EVERYONE through snapchat, or facebook or twitter.”  Sklar says you still see your friends face-to-face, but already have talking points ready because you keep up with them electronically.  Technology brings changes every day --- but this is a big one.

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