‘Last Man Standing’ will be the exception, not the norm on network TV

Fans of the Tim Allen show ‘Last Man Standing’ got the good news when Fox announced it was picking up the show that ABC had cancelled. And they has picked it up without changing Allen’s conservative character. But that sitcom is not what you normally get from Hollywood.

Let’s be honest. Conservative shows are rare on network TV. Actors who are conservative don't go public because they don't want to lose their careers like James Woods did (Woods retired after claiming his conservative views has led him to be blacklisted). Media reporter Joe Concha with The Hill tells KTRH Hollywood is one big, liberal clique.

“They believe that’s best for ratings, given their audience, and given that they are millennials. Anytime someone treats the President with any normalcy, like Jimmy Fallon did when Trump was running for office, he got killed for it,” Concha explained.

But Hollywood discovered with Roseanne there is an audience for a conservative sitcom, and Concha thinks Tim Allen can do what Roseanne didn't.

“He’ll be fine. You won’t have to worry about any off camera incidents that are going to upset a show like that. He has proven going all the way back to the ‘Home Improvement’ days that he is one of the best brands on television,” Concha explained, adding that Hollywood likes to make money, and they discovered they can do that with a show that might not play to the liberals on both coasts.

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