Force Field Technology Isn't Just For 'Star Trek' Anymore

Astonishingly futuristic new technology creates an invisible protection for military tanks like the Stryker. Within a blink of an eye, the technology detects the enemy fire, locates it and launches a response that destroys the threat before it reaches the vehicle, whether it's a missile or a bullet

Keith Brendley, CEO of ARTIS LLC, the only American company developing this technology explains it this way:

 “What we do on Stryker, is sense incoming threats (missiles, for example) using a variety of sensors, and then we shoot down the threat when it’s just inches from the side of the vehicle. We attack the threat when it’s so close to the vehicle so the people outside the vehicle are safe as well.”

General Mark Milley, The Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, recently told the Senate that the Army intends to ultimately outfit all combat vehicles with Active Protection Systems or APS.  “People think bullets are really fast, but electrons are faster! Computers are faster than eyes and ears as well.”

Click here to see this APS in action. You’ll be impressed! 

In the words of Brendley, “The army is very serious about this, the future is now!” 

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