Media paints dire economic picture despite good economic numbers

There has been good economic news from the moment Donald Trump won the Presidential race two years ago. But that’s not the story the mainstream media is telling you. It’s not even close.

They refuse to give Trump credit. Their narrative is, 'If the economy is so great why is everyone doing so poorly?" Financial planner Richard Rosso says not everyone is suffering.

“On the surface the economy is good. We are picking up steam. For eighty percent of us the economy is doing better,” Rosso explained.

But there's that 20% impacted by inflation, tariffs, higher gas prices, and something else Rosso says is going on that the media won’t acknowledge.

“A recent study came out showing that a majority of households have not completely recovered from the Great Recession,” Rosso said.

Rosso admits salaries have to catch up with inflation, and that won't happen overnight.

“This is more of a structural issue that is going to take much longer to rectify itself even though we are seeing better economic numbers,” Rosso stated.

Until then, expect the mainstream media to continue their negative narrative

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