Trump vs. Mueller shows no signs of letting up

The mainstream media melted down over President Trump’s Tweet that seemed to direct Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end the Russia investigation.

From the moment the Tweet went out the cable news networks focused on it. But White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says it just an opinion.

“It’s not an order. It’s the President’s opinion,” Sanders said at her press briefing yesterday afternoon.

In other Tweets about the investigation lately, the President has talked about a conflict of interest that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has over a business relationship. Legal analyst Rachel Hooper says the optics aren't good for Mueller.

“When you have a situation where the target of investigation had the prosecutor as a member of one of his golf clubs, that doesn’t look good,” Hooper explained. (Mueller resigned his membership at a Trump owned club in 2011 over fees.)

But mainstream media members like Dan Abrams at ABC say it isn't a conflict of interest. But should Abrams really be saying that?

“Abrams may have bias. President Obama nominated his sister to the federal bench,” Hooper said.

And Abrams' brother in law Greg Andres is also serving as an Assistant Special Counsel to Mueller in the Russia investigation.

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