Parents are hiring videogame tutors for their children

Winning is what’s so addictive about video games.

No one wants to lose, so parents are now reportedly getting tutors for the children for video games like Fortnite.

Genevieve Collins, who is an expert on technology in the classroom, said video games are addictive because they're so competitive.

But, parents don't need to take it too far.

“At the end of the day, these are games, and we have to still stay cognizant about what’s actually happening in the workday or in the classroom and spend time investing in those pieces, too,” said Collins.

She said it's good that parents realize they are digital immigrants, while they're children are digital natives, and are trying to engage their children and meet them where they're at.

“It also highlights how competitiveness can overtake adults sometimes and how parents are really wanting their kids to be successful,” said Collins.

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