Bulls Ignore Naysayers as Wall Street Thrives

Naysayers about the booming stock market may complain about trade wars, the deficit, the Mueller investigation and Brexit -- but Wall Street continues to ascend that "wall of worry."

In short, pessimists aren’t denting the Dow Jones Industrial Average or earnings.

Experts say all the concerns expressed about global problems only seem to sharpen the focus and choices of investors – something that, in turn, drives up the Dow, enriching your 401(k) and your earnings.

Analysts suggest that concerns and fears keep expectations low – but they don’t stop positive results, as evidenced by the current bull market, which is the second longest in American history. That would suggest that reality wins out over those fears, and relief leads investors to bid up stocks.

“Wall of Worry” is an unofficial term that describes “the financial markets' periodic tendency to surmount a host of negative factors and keep ascending,” according to Investopedia.

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