Texas lawmakers weigh in on Kavanaugh selection

With President Trump selecting Brett Kavanaugh as his Supreme Court Justice nominee, Texas lawmakers are weighing in.

First of all, it’s important to note that Kavanaugh has Texas ties. He worked for President George W. Bush before being selected to the federal bench in 2006. His wife is from Abilene. So he has a long history with the state.

As for his nomination, Texas Senator John Cornyn called Kavanaugh "exceptionally qualified." Woodlands Congressman called the choice "very strong." Political analyst Chris Begala says if you are conservative, you liked the pick.

“He’s known as a rock solid conservative. The Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation give him high marks,” Begala said.

UT Arlington political scientist Allan Saxe, though was not expecting the pick to be Kavanaugh/

“I was a little bit surprised. I thought President Trump might pick a woman, Amy Coney Barrett, who is a federal judge in her own right,” Saxe explained.

And now the battle will get going in the Senate, and Begala says it will be ugly.

“I would look for anything, even doctoring audio or video tapes, to try and place Kavanaugh in a very tenuous situation,” Begala stated.

In fact, in his statement, Cornyn said, "it’s disappointing that some Democrats already rejected this nomination before it was even made. I hope Democrats will consider Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination on the merits, and I look forward to meeting with him soon in advance of a hearing."

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