Mainstream media ignores what’s happening right under their noses

The mainstream media keeps focusing on kids at the border that have been separated from their parents who tried to come to the United States illegally. They also continue to ignore things that are going on right here at home.

Earlier this week we told you about the foster care system and how the mainstream media doesn’t talk about that. They also ignore gang violence.

In Chicago recently 21 people were shot in a 14 hour span. Yet you didn’t hear the mainstream media get worked up by that. In fact, they pretty much ignored that story.

Here in Houston we have 353 gangs according to HPD data from 2016 and about 20,000 documented gang members. Local gang expert David Guillory with Don't Kill Me told KTRH the problem needs to be in the spotlight.

“It needs to be a hot topic. The overall shootings in Houston can be documented, and over half of them are caused by gang violence,” Guillory explained.

It happens in rural parts of Texas, too. State Representative James White told us he sees similar problems in his district.

“Narco, trans-national gang, and meth trafficking is tearing up many communities in my district,” White stated, adding that if the mainstream media told you what was really going on, you'd be as upset as you are about what's happening at the border.

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