Extreme left wants open borders and to abolish ICE

Agents Patrol Texas Border To Stop Illegal Immigrants From Entering U.S.

There is a very vocal part of the left that is promoting open borders, and they are willing to protest to make their point.

Lately, some of these protesters have called for the abolishment of ICE, protesting outside of ICE offices.

“I think it’s important for people to know that ICE does very evil things,” one protester told Fox News.

Former DHS District Director Hipolito Acosta told KTRH he doesn’t think these protesters really get what's going on.

“They should be thankful for agents that are willing to protect their country,” Acosta said.

We've seen what open borders has done in European countries with terror attacks. We've also seen what border walls can do, like they did for the safety of people in Israel.

“That’s what we want to here as well,” Acosta explained. “We are a nation that welcomes immigrants in a legal way. We also are a nation that has been frankly negligent in our immigration policy.”

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