Cities Turn to 'Gun Store-Free Zones' to Regulate Firearm Sales

The battle over gun rights now has cities using zoning regulations to create "gun store-free zones" around the country. The state of California itself has 20 such zones, backed up by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The U.S. Supreme Court this year refused to endorse a constitutional right to sell firearms, rejecting an appeal by three men who were denied a permit to open a gun store in northern California.

“What we've done here is essentially have the court affirm that you can completely ban gun stores in virtually every suburb in California, and that is absolutely lawful,” says Emily Taylor, attorney for Texas Law Shield.

So far she hasn't heard of “gun store-free zones” spreading to the Lone Star State.

“We do have cities who will use every tool at their disposal, even within our great state of Texas, to restrict firearms and restrict those who are selling,” says Taylor. “At some point it may be ripe for another challenge and might get taken up by the Supreme Court.”

Taylor says the left for years has quietly been blocking gun rights without Congressional approval.

“The credit card companies and financial institutions are also engaging in this sort of insideous back door shutdown of the Second Amendment,” she says of an Obama-era policy to block electronic transactions of guns and ammo.

Gov. Greg Abbott meantime, affirmed his stance on guns this week by tweeting "“The gun control debate was settled in 1791.”

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