POLL: Some Think HGTV is a Four Letter Word!

Dan DiClerico of HomeAdvisor says HGTV can be very misleading, “They are great for inspiration, but for information – not so much!”

HGTV is actually driving real estate agents and home remodelers crazy!  Home Advisor's Dan DiClerico says the channel's popularity comes at the expense of the pros whose clients often expect smooth running - just like on TV.  Here are some of DiClerico’s observations:

  • On TV, negotiations are quick and mostly happen in coffee shops.

“Negotiations take a long time and rarely occur face-to-face. I just finished a renovation and counted up the e-mails I wrote and received. It stopped counting at 300!”

  • Getting permits is no big deal.

“Anywhere you go, the permitting process is very tedious and time consuming.”

  • Budgets and timelines are followed to the tee.

“They always take longer, and they always cost more. This is very rarely stated on HGTV.”

  • The bigger the better --- you’ll sell your house for SO MUCH MORE!

“If you’re planning on selling in the next few years, don’t go for the full gut-out kitchen remodel. You’re NEVER going to get your money back!”

Other Fallacies

  • Knocking down walls is each ...No, it isn’t!
  • Transactions and transformations run quickly...Nope. For the work to be of quality – months will probably go by.
  • Spouses love renovations and moves...Divorces are caused by packing, unpacking, spending lots and lots of money, and construction noise

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