'Fake' Photo Spurs $20 Million in Donations on Facebook


While Facebook says it's working to correct fake news and anti-conservative bias, it continues to run a crowdfunding campaign page using a "fake" photo of a migrant child supposedly separated from her mother, which so far has raised more than $20 million.

The photograph is real, though the photographer himself could not verify whether the girl was actually separated from her mother. That hasn't stopped it from becoming the largest crowdfunding event in Facebook history.

These are hard left, at this point, propaganda organizations that will at all cost advance their own agenda,” says Pamela Geller, whose group the American Freedom Defense Initiative is currently suing Facebook for suppressing free speech.

Our IP addresses are like phone numbers in the last century, it's how we communicate,” she says. “Can you imagine in the late 90s if AT&T was listening in on our phone calls, and said no, no, no, you can't use our lines because what you're saying is hateful to us?”

Geller says the only way to combat the censoring on top of liberal hate speech is by confronting it and talking about it.

We don't burn books, that's what Nazis do. That's what fascists do. But that's what the left is doing, and of course there's not enough discussion about this because it's on these far left platforms.”

Charlotte Willner, who launched the fundraiser, posted the following response to the picture:

Some folks have asked if we should change the photo now that we have more information about this child. I used this picture because it was the one that inspired me to pay a lot more attention to the crisis at the border. She will carry the trauma of this moment for the rest of her life, regardless of what happened later -- and the trauma that the kids who ARE separated from their parents right now is even more compounded. We plan to keep it as our photo.”

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