Media not focusing on what’s happening to American kids

The mainstream media has been championing for the children of those people trying to come into the United States illegally. They’ve been outraged over the treatment those children have gotten. But at the same time they have been completely silent about the treatment of some American children.

You don't hear CNN or MSNBC talk about the foster care system, and the things some of those children have been through. Will Francis with the National Association of Social Workers told KTRH hopefully that's something that can change now.

“Hopefully this will actually expand both conversations, and that we won’t trade one conversation for the other,” Francis said.

But, he also says we have a long way to go when it comes to child welfare. Congress passed a bill in February to help improve the foster care system, but RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong says the mainstream media didn't give that a lot of attention.

“It’s not getting any media play at all and it will not, in the same way the media will not talk about some of the solutions we want to prescribe for the immigrant crisis,” Armstrong explained.

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