If you’re 50+ it’s not too late to start saving for retirement

Retirees Enjoying Life

If you are in your fifties and have not started to plan for retirement in a serious way, you might think it’s too late. But financial planner Andy Smith says it’s not.

It’s not like all hope is lost. But you need to focus on some different things in a different way,” Smith said.

And he says the big thing to concentrate on is your 401K and the opportunities that gives you.

“You should be saving at least as much to get 100% of your employer match. It’s free money, and if you don’t do this you could be passing up on as much as $1300 per year,” Smith explained.

You can hear Smith hosting ‘Investing Sense’ Saturdays at 10 here on KTRH and you can get more information online at Inestingsense.com.

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