Liberal media compares immigration holding areas to concentration camps

Some liberal media have compared the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy of illegal immigrant children being separated from their families to the dehumanization of Jewish people by the Nazis.

News outlets like NPR, MSNBC and CNN have publicly editorialized that the recent children immigration retaining areas are like concentration camps during the Holocaust.

The Holocaust Museum Houston's Director of Education Dr. Mary Lee Webeck said this is all policy decisions, not legal decisions because there is no law that mandates families to be separated when detained.

“You know, the way language is causing fissures in our society right now, is of such great concern,” said Webeck.

The Holocaust Museum Houston issued a statement that said it was a dark day in history as children at America's borders were forcibly removed from their families.

“We as human beings should not dehumanize each other. We need to learn to respect each other,” said Webeck. “Immigrants being called illegals, something that happened during the Holocaust, as well. Calling someone that, historically, has led to very, very hateful, dangerous, dangerous things.”

Webeck says concentration camps and immigration detention centers are very different, but similar with the deportation and physical separation.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Houston would not comment.

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