Candidates in last week's primaries had the president’s support

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Democrats are starting to see their numbers slide since they are against the president on everything, as well as the “Never Trump” Republicans.

In many of last week's congressional races, some candidates in both parties, had an all-out attack on the president. Texas Conservative Review Editor Gary Polland, former Harris County GOP Chair, calls this the "Trump Derangement Syndrome".

“I don’t think the president would have trouble with people in his party that disagree with him on occasion on issues, but are supportive when they agree. And the voters, obviously, they don’t like you just be against things. They want you to be for things. What are you going to do for us?,” said Polland.

He said candidates need to shape up for the November 6th general election.

“These people continue to be against are sending a very negative message to voters, and the voters, for the most, part don’t like it,” said Polland.

He added candidates should remember that voters want to know issues they are for, not just what they oppose.

“The people in our party better get the message, that if you share the president’s position on an issue, you need to be supportive,” said Polland.

He said complaining about the president, without giving voters a compelling reason to support them will be a losing strategy.

Polland added that people are tired of the media’s constant negativity against the president.

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