Summer Health Tips --- Facts or Urban Legends

Isabel Valdez, an instructor of Physicians’ Assistants at Baylor College of Medicine is helping us with some of the most popular “health tips” we hear this time of year. 

  • Like your mother telling you salt water at the gulf is good for the cut on your foot. “No! The gulf water is filled with bacteria. Clean it will soap and water and put a bandage on it!”
  • Yeah---but you don’t need sunscreen on a cloudy day – do you?  “Yes!” You’re still being hit by U.V. Rays! Sunscreen on your skin all summer – even if the day is cloudy.”
  • If I’m thirsty on a hot day – I just drink anything!

“ All that sugar in soft drinks and caffeine in energy drinks or coffee and alcohol in a cold beer just drain you and don’t give you the hydration you need. Drink a glass or two of water and you’ll be fine.”

  • And what about getting stung by a jelly fish? On Friends he peed on her wound to take the pain away!  “All I can say is Vinegar is better!”

But your mom got ONE RIGHT!  Valdez says, “You really should wait some time after eating before you swim --- or do any kind of exercise.  Especially added to the heat – your stomach just can’t take the jostling around! Nausea may follow.” 

So enjoy your summer, find some sunscreen with a high level of SPF and add a small bottle of vinegar to your beach bag!


Photo: Getty

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