Americans gave more to Charity last Year than ever before

Charitable giving in the U.S. set a record last year -- over $400-billion. But the news may not be as rosy as it sounds.

Larry Lieberman with Charity Navigator says the biggest contributors are the richest and the poorest among us.

"What concerns many in the philanthropy community is that the number of Americans actually making gifts continues to decline."

Lieberman says our shrinking middle class is the least likely to give.

"I think what we're seeing among the middle class is symptoms of the squeezing of this demographic and it's unfortunately a symptom, really, just of a decline in the middle class overall in our population."

But he says Houston's response to Harvey was unprecedented.

"New Orleans was able to raise $25-million and now, just over a decade later, we've got the Harvey relief fund raising more than four times that."

Texans superstar JJ Watt led the way by raising $37-million.

Lieberman says Houston is one of the most giving markets and would be even if Hurricane Harvey hadn't spurred record generosity.

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