Oil industry in boom cycle, but finds itself needing workers

The oil industry is booming right now, and the Permian Basin here in Texas is certainly part of it. That said, there’s an interesting trend that is developing when it comes to jobs in the oil industry.

There are jobs to be had, but not enough people to fill them. Wayne Beninger of Crudefunders says the industry is throwing around a lot of money right now.

“You’ll see people that are on a forty hour work week that are making salaries upwards of eight and nine thousand dollars a month,” Beninger explained.

So this is part of that jobs gap we talked about last week here on KTRH. The question is what kind of training do you need for oil industry work?

“Nothing that would require a college education, but just some general understanding, and when they hire you they will train you. There are a lot of industry schools,” Beninger said, adding that there are kids with college educations that can’t get work in other fields coming in to the oil industry.

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