POLL: Hate Your Job? Maybe You can be paid to quit

If Amazon fulfillment center workers don't like loading boxes onto conveyor belts Amazon will pay them up to five grand to quit. The idea is to create a workplace where only workers who like their jobs are there.

Business strategist Andrew Louder is a fan.

"I think it's phenomenal; I think it's a great idea. I think a lot more companies should pick that up."

Louder says a recent Gallop poll found only a third of workers say they love their jobs.

"That means two thirds of us are actively disengaged, meaning we're either just walking around like we don't care or sharing our unhappiness."

Louder says maybe one day robots will replace these workers, but Tesla has shown us too many robots is not the best solution just yet.

"They went really heavy on the automation, on the robots and it's proven to have caused real issues with the quality and the timeliness of the completion of their vehicles."

The catch with Amazon is, if you take the money, you can never work for Amazon again.

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