A famed Irish Distiller is warning about an Irish Whiskey Shortage

Whiskey drinking

We made it past Saint Patrick's Day but there may be an Irish Whiskey shortage in the near future. A famed Irish distiller warns rising global demand is about to overwhelm the industry.

Chris Detmore is a liquor buyer for Spec's. He says whiskey buyers are loyal.

"If somebody's drinking Teeling's Irish Whiskey or Jameson's Irish Whiskey that's typically what they want to stick with."

Detmore says if you think all whiskey is the same, you're wrong.

"There's laws to make Scotch Scotch; there's laws to make Bourbon Bourbon and Irish Whiskey has its own thing as well -- they all taste a little bit different."

Irish Whiskey legend John Teeling says whiskey made today won't sell for seven years. Irish Whiskey sales have been growing at ten percent a year globally. Detmore says if it happens it'll be similar to shortages we've had with American Bourbon.

"It may just be exceedingly difficult to get some products in stock and keep them in stock in order to satisfy customer requests."

The Irish Whiskey Association says global sales are on pace to double by the year 2020 and double again by 2030.

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