Adrift in a Sea of Orange Barrels

Some areas of the country have four seasons, some two.  In Houston we have one season – construction. It never ends.

As some projects wind down others plow forward while others kick into gear.  The machinery of improving Houston area roads is never wholly complete because the city keeps growing and freeways need constant maintaining, contributing to a never-ending source of gripes and stress.

You Tube has an almost endless number of posts of people complaining about the frustrations and woes of bumper-to-bumper traffic. 

“Whenever you get stuck in traffic everyone always says the same thing,” says Erik Myers. “There’s something going on up there.” He continues to imitate drivers who have come to a complete halt during a morning commute. “Ten minutes later, ‘There had better be something going on up there.  There better be a guy circling around with his hair on fire.’” Often, it’s orange construction barrels.

According to Transtar, here is the list of current hot spots for construction:

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