Out of State Billionaires are trying to influence Your Vote

For regular listeners of the Rush Limbaugh Show, leftist billionaire George Soros is a villain. But his effort to get out the Democratic Party vote in the mid-term elections might not be as bad as it sounds.

Rice political science professor Mark Jones says out of state billionaires try to influence the Texas vote every election cycle.

"This is pretty much how democracy looks."

Professor Jones says there are billionaires on both sides of the aisle trying to get the candidates they want in office.

"There are conservative billionaires like the Koch brothers, who are out there trying to influence the political leanings and political results in the United States."

Professor Jones says efforts to get out the vote are to be commended, unless they're completely partisan.

"To improve access for some people but not for others; if it's focused primarily democratic communities and increasing registration and turn out there but not focused on communities that tend to vote more republican."

Soros' reported goal is to expand the voter base by ten million. Critics worry that means Soros wants to make it easier for non-citizens to vote.

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