How much Houstonians need to earn to be considered rich

When it comes to being "rich", Houston ranks 32nd in the nation with "the rich" making at least $94,020—which is double of Houston’s reported median household income of $47,010.

How much you need to earn to be considered "rich" depends on the city you live in. Wealth strategist Rebecca Walser said we're not doing a good job of saving or accumulating assets.

“We really are a country that lives check to check and we’ve got to really work on that. Instead of worrying about where can we be rich at, we really should worry about having a built a nest egg for our future,” said Walser.

She said under the new tax plan, the governments states wealthy people earn at least $500,001 and couples earn at least $600,000.

“Taxes are going up and it’s time for us to really hunker down, America and take some personal responsibility and build our future on our own self, instead of worrying about Social Security and Medicare, which are going to really to be a problem in the coming days ,” said Walser.

A Charles Schwab survey found people think rich is having a $2.4 million, but the U.S. Census Bureau reports that's almost 30 times the actual median net worth of US households.

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