Some family farms struggling to survive

Family Farm

The family farm is not dead, but it faces more challenges now than in the past. America continues to become more urban than rural and children may be even less likely to follow in their parents' footsteps.

While many bemoan corporate farming, the Texas Farm Bureau's Gene Hall says don't do it in Texas.

"Really, all of our farms are family farms, along the order of 98%; some are quite large; others are smaller."

But Hall says it's tougher to make a living now than in decades past.

"We're seeing net farm income this year roughly half of what it was five years ago and that's obviously not a situation that can continue."

Hall says a big key is trade in international export markets.

"We depend so much on farm income on the export markets because we're capable of growing far more than can be consumed within this nation alone."

 Hall says from drought to flooding from Hurricane Harvey, Texas family farms face more challenges than ever before.

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