New history textbook draws criticism for anti-Trump bent

History book

A new American History textbook for AP courses that has not yet been given to students is causing controversy for its treatment of President Donald Trump.

The textbook has an anti-Trump tone, with a section titled 'The Angry Election of 2016.” Stanley Kurtz with the Ethics and Public Policy Center tells KTRH it seems like liberals are writing all the text books these days.

“When you look at politics today and the views of the millennial generation, they have been shaped in large part by what they have learned in school,” Kurtz said.

The book is not in Texas, and the state has a long process that takes years in order for textbooks to be approved. But Kurtz says these AP courses are different.

“Those courses are run by the College Board, and they have figured out how to make an end run around states and local school boards,” Kurtz stated.

In other words, there's a chance at some point that this book "By the People - A History of the United States,” written by NYU professor James Fraser, could wind up in Texas at some point.

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