California Companies are moving to Texas

One CEO says he's tired of the Golden State treating him like he's the enemy. Leaders say Texas' recruitment efforts are paying off.

Chris Wallace is president of the Texas Association of Business. He says Texas wins on three points.

"Low taxes, low regulatory environment and quality workforce really are our selling cards."

Wallace says recruitment work started with Governor Rick Perry continues today.

"A lot of our local partners around the state, local EDCs, local chambers of commerce and cities are very active in competing with other states on projects to move to Texas."

Wallace says companies in Blue states are happy to be recruited to move to business friendly Texas.

"We wanna maintain a positive business climate in our state to ensure we'll continue to have big wins like ones we've seen in the past and ones we'll see in the future."

The latest victory is JetSuite, a California charter airline moving to Dallas.

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