Tips to beat the system on expensive prescription drugs

A recent Consumer Reports survey of people who take prescription medications found that high drug costs are forcing some of them to cut back on groceries, delay their retirement, or even take a second job.

Americans spend more money on drugs than people in any other country.

“Ask better questions of their physicians, look where they’re filling their drugs and do their best to be diligent about finding the most cost-effective place to access the market,” said Healthcare Industry Expert Seth Denson.

He gave some easy suggestions. 1. Ask your doctor whether you still need all the medicine you are taking.2. Shop pharmacies for the lowest price. Ask your pharmacist ‘What’s the lowest possible price you can offer?’

3. Buy bulk—like a 90-day supply.

4. Asking your doctor for cheaper alternatives. Denson said some pharmaceutical companies purposely keep doctors in the dark about generic alternative drugs.

5. Use generics.

6. Check with drug manufacturers—ask for coupons, incentive programs, discount cards.

While medications are expensive, they’re often not something you live without.

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