Hollywood continues to press for Trump impeachment

The left continues their full court press against President Trump, and has a willing partner in Hollywood to get their message out there.

This weekend alone you had Saturday Night Live using Robert de Niro and Ben Stiller in a skit poking fun at the Mueller investigation and Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. The CBS streaming show ‘The Good Fight’ openly had a storyline where lawyers were preparing for Trump’s impeachment in the event Democrats would win control of Congress in November.

Houston Republican strategist Jessica Colon says Hollywood is doing this because they are in lockstep with the Democratic Party, and it’s about money.

“Democrats go out to Hollywood to raise significant money. Hollywood has been in lockstep with the Democrats for decades. It’s been no secret,” Colon said.

She adds that this is backfiring; TV ratings are falling, and box office numbers aren't what they used to be. There is one notable exception.

“Shows like Roseanne’s revamp, with a pro-Trump angle, has exploded,” Colon stated, adding that Barr’s new hit on ABC is not what Hollywood normally puts out there, and that it is resonating with Middle America, and the South.

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