Republican voters say immigration is more important than taxes

Republican voters say fixing the problem of illegal immigration is something they want Washington to finally get right. And they are prioritizing that more than you realize.

The new poll from Harvard says reducing immigration is more important than tax reform or even repealing Obamacare. Political analyst Jacquie Baly explains why.

“We have seen a 203% increase in illegal immigration in the last month. That is just staggering. Then you have the impact of this on our economy,” Baly explained.

So if this is the case how come Republican lawmakers can’t get tough when it comes to immigration policy? Baly says it's because these lawmakers are Republicans in name only.

“They don’t really prescribe to a tough immigration stance. Unfortunately for us they are falling into the dangerous language of the Democrats,” Baly said.

While 42% of Republicans said immigration was most important only 25% said the same thing about our debt and 12% said that about taxes.

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