TSA May Ask to Take Snacks Out of Purses, Carry-Ons

Forget sneaking through airport security with bags of snacks, TSA agents will now randomly tell travelers to put them in a separate bin like their laptops and cell phones.

The Department of Homeland Security says nothing has changed, food is still allowed, but spokeswoman Carrie Harmon says stuffing your purse or bag with snack foods throws off x-ray images and forces agents to search your bag anyway.

“There is no policy that requires you to remove food,” she insists.  “If you are asked to do it by one of the officers at the check point, it is to help speed up the process to get you through more quickly.”

“When you de-clutter the bag it gives us a clearer view on the x-ray machine which gets you through quicker and also cuts down on bag checks on the other end.”

But travelers have mixed opinions about it.

“It's going to slow it down, that's another one of those silly, silly things,” said one Houstonian.

“I think if people taking food out of their bag makes it safer, or if the TSA thinks it makes it safer, then they should do it,” said another traveler.

TSA's website actually allows you to type in an item to find out ahead of time whether it's allowed or not.

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