POLL: New poll says Republicans should be worried about November

If you believe the conclusions of a new poll, then the GOP is in deep trouble when it comes to the midterm elections coming up in November.

The poll from Harvard shows there's a youth wave coming that will benefit the left; as they outnumber Republican voters two-to-one. Gary Polland with the Texas Conservative Review says he's not getting worked up over these numbers at all, because this poll does not have a great track record.

“That was one of the polls that was predicting forever that Hillary Clinton was going to get elected and it didn’t work,” Polland stated.

That said, Democrats are thrilled with these numbers. Houston democratic strategist Mustafa Tameez told KTRH he thinks these young voters will go against a historical pattern and show up to vote in November.

“Young voters are getting more engaged into politics because they are seeing their future squandered away by incumbents who are not paying attention to the challenges of today,” Tameez said.

But Polland says this poll is simply trying to depress Republican turnout, which was a strategy that did not work in 2016.

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