POLL: Do we care about each other the way we used to?

Maybe you’ve noticed it; maybe you’ve even talked about it. There is the belief that is out there that we don’t care about each other in society the way we once did.

So what is driving that belief, one that conservative columnist Ann Coulter just wrote about? Psychiatrist David Henderson told KTRH social media may be a big factor.

“The depersonalization of the person on the other side of the screen makes it easy to objectify them,” Henderson stated.

Political analyst Chris Begala says our political discourse plays a role, too.

“It is actually concerning and it gets disgusting sometimes on an hourly and daily level,” Begala said.

But Henderson says we still care; just look at how Texans helped other Texans during Harvey.

“When we have situations where we see the suffering of others we stand up. We want to take part because there is something personal to it for us,” Henderson explained.

So Henderson says while Coulter makes some good points, she isn't totally right about this.

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