The news you watch is driving us apart

You are consuming more news these days, and instead of being informed, it’s polarizing us even more than we already are.

That's the conclusion of research that was just done by the University of Miami. Don Hooper with the Houston Conservative Forum says it's not just the news you watch on television; it’s what you consume online, as well.

“There are many people out there who think their opinions are somehow important enough to put into a blog or on social media like Facebook and Twitter,” Hooper explained.

Hooper says the problem is that the way the news is delivered has changed. What you see on television is no longer objective. Everything is now subjective. And it’s causing this polarization.

“That idea that idea that you could deliver the news in a straight forward manner without disclosing whether you are a liberal or a conservative seems to be a thing of the past,” Hooper said.

The result of all this is that many things that you'd think would be non-political have become uber-political; with a bent towards liberalism thanks to the mainstream media.

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