Teens 24 Hour Challenge Grows

The “24-Hour Overnight Challenge” is a thing.

Teenagers are flooding You Tube with videos they’ve shot of themselves creating forbidden “forts” in large, public stores where they hide, and sleep, captured on smartphones, through the night.  On the heels of the “Condom Snorting Challenge” and the “Tide Pod Challenge,” a new fad has begun.

It started a couple years back with two teens in Belgium and has grown quietly to an internet sensation.

The teens and young adults document the thrill of doing something they’re not supposed to be doing, taking pillows and blankets from WalMart shelves, hollowing out stacks of boxes on ground level shelves and creating little forts – like the ones you made as a child under the dining room table with a few blankets.  Locations of choice include WalMart, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, McDonalds….nowhere is off limits.  In some instances, if the business is closed, the activity is trespassing and illegal.

Managers are incensed, security guards frustrated and parents exasperated.  But at least unlike previous challenges, there is little threat of physical harm.  In Britain recently an all point bulletin was issued for a missing teen who turned out to be sleeping in an Ikea.

There are possibly hundreds of these videos posted on You-Tube, a seemingly endless number of pages, and there are millions of hits. 

Walmart has gotten hip enough over the year since this trend began that they now closely monitor toilet paper aisles.  They’re the most popular target.

Here are the top three videos, which have had a combined 15.2 million hits.

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