In a hot Housing Market Buyers are overspending

Nationally, homebuyers are busting their budgets paying for new homes. A survey found, on average, they're spending over $16,500 more than they expected.

Laith Daik at Houston's Texas Loan Star says the average home price in Houston is around 280,000. He says you need to do your homework.

"Always get prequalified financially so that before you go out and actually look for a house or make an offer you know what you qualify for, you've got expectations set for down payment, rates and payments and things of that nature, so you feel good and confident going out into the marketplace."

Daik says a good realtor can be the key -- because he or she will know the neighborhood and prepare you to make an educated offer.

"Connect with a good, reputable realtor that can give you advice, educate you on the market and point you in the right direction. Someone that knows the neighborhood you're interested in so that you're educated and ready to make an offer on the house that comes on the market that's going to fit your needs."

Daik says you need to do your homework and not just fall in love with a "dream house."

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