Councilwoman Faces Charges for Teen Rant

A councilwoman in the Houston bedroom community of West University Place is charged with disorderly conduct, for allegedly screaming at a group of teenagers over a Trump campaign t-shirt.

The father of one of the girls says Councilwoman Kellye Burke used obscenities while screaming at the teens, echoing candidate-Trump's notorious "Grab them by the pu**y" comment. The girls were approached in a local business last weekend, where they were buying cookies for their church.

Burke reportedly continued her harangue, shaking her fist and shouting, "MAGA! MAGA! MAGA!"... a reference to Trump's Make America Great Again slogan.

She faces a Class-C misdemeanor charge.

The father says his daughter was afraid they were about to be attacked.

Burke was elected in May, 2017 but the native Texan has lived in the community for more than a decade. Her Twitter profile also lists her as a volunteer for a group called Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America. Municipal elections in West-U are scheduled for May 6th.

Burke has reportedly reached out to at least one of the families to apologize, which has been accepted.

Following a public outcry, Burke issued the following statement:

"I have repeatedly apologized for the bad judgment I used and making the statement I did, but I do not believe repeating the words of the President of the United States is a crime. However, I will apologize again on behalf of myself, the President of the United States and all the media outlets who repeated his words both electronically and in print."

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