Travelers tired of CNN Airport Network at the terminal

If you’ve flown since 1992, most likely you’ve seen CNN Airport network’s news coverage.

Now, some airports are hearing that travelers want the channel changed that often mocks President Trump.

When CNN Airport’s contract expires next month, San Francisco International Airport will not renew citing free airport Wi-Fi for travelers to access their own entertainment via their own electronic devices.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports the Atlanta City Council finance committee will keep CNN on its airport televisions through July and then go month-to-month .

Goldman McCormick Public Relations co-founder Ryan McCormick says people are sick of the negativity.

“They now longer wish to engage the political perspectives of CNN. Probably one of the things they’re going to do is get their smart phones and stream Fox News or stream another media outlet that’s going to present the perspectives that they want,” said McCormick.

He suggested other options to negative news.

“One of them that might be interesting, is if they did a yoga channel or they had people do group mediation—make people more relaxed before they get on the flight. Or, they showed cartoons. I mean, anything that would make people in a lighter happier mood,” said McCormick.

CNN Airport is not the same feed as the standard CNN. The airport version airs more sports and weather, and removes some graphic video—especially any coverage of plane crashes or air disasters.

It’s reported that 323 million people watch CNN Airport every year at the 2,400-plus gates that carry the channel nationwide.

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