Tea Party Patriots Rallying Youths to Combat Anti-Gun Efforts

We've been hearing a lot about school walkouts and this weekend's anti-gun march in Washington, but now there's a coordinated effort to give a voice to those students who actually support the Second Amendment.

Jenny Beth Martin co-founded Tea Party Patriots, and says her own children feel like outsiders at school due to the nationwide hysteria over guns.

“I'm going to do what I can to help make sure we connect these kids together and give them the support they need to withstand the pressure they are facing inside their schools from administrators and teachers, and also fellow students,” she told Breitbart News Sunday.

Martin says kids who believe in the Second Amendment are fighting an uphill battle.

“They're actively planning this with the resistance movement and Indivisible, the women's movement, it's very orchestrated and very well-coordinated on the left,” she says of this weekend's “March for Our Lives” event.

Tea Party Patriots posted an online survey to help organize and connect Second Amendment supporters before the next school walkout April 20, marking the anniversary of Columbine.

“The left is clearly organizing the kids on the left who want to take away our rights, and I just want to make sure those who are willing to stand up for our rights in a very hostile environment have the support they need.”

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